From February 1st, 2019 to May 26, 2019

Current exhibition

Dedicated to the complexity of the tropical forest, the Amazonia project is inspired by the unbelievable diversity of nature and its perfect shapes. From the 15 metre tall platform, you can fully take in the height and scope of the Amazon landscape, rise up through the branches of gigantic 32 metre tall trees and observe fascinating plants and numerous animal species.

Thanks to a very high definition image, it is even possible, using binoculars, to see a caterpillar on a leaf, sloths in the trees and parrots. The panorama also raises awareness of the fragility of this endangered landscape.

In addition, this representation of nature is a homage to all the naturalists who explored the tropical forest in the past, including Alexander Von Humboldt and the botanist Wilfried Morawetz.


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