Le panorama XXL est le seul lieu culturel en France à exposer les plus grands panoramas en 360° au monde.

Unique in France

Panorama XXL is the only cultural site in France which exhibits the largest 360° panoramas in the world. An unusual site located on the right bank in Rouen and an emblematic setting for monumental works measuring over 32 metres high, Panorama XXL opened its doors in December 2014 and has already attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors awestruck by this site and its exceptional concept.

A mixture of paintings, drawings, digital photography and the result of in-depth scientific research, the panoramas exhibited in Rouen totally immerse visitors in historical eras (ancient Rome, Rouen in 1431 during Joan of Arc’s era), or dizzying landscapes (Amazonia, Great Barrier Reef).

Positioned at the centre of the building at the heart of Panorama XXL, the visitor is totally immersed in the surrounding work. Supplemented by lighting effects and an original soundtrack, the experience is unique and provides a different way of looking at art.

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