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Extend your immersive journey by visiting the Joan of Arc Historial! The spectacular and innovative scenography at the Joan of Arc Historial takes you to the heart of the 15th century in a real judicial investigation to discover the saga and myth of Joan of Arc. Projections, screens, 3D maps, the images scroll in front of your eyes and the witnesses of the era will guide you from room to room to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. Discover the combined ticket which allows you to visit both the Panorama XXL and Joan of Arc Historial at a discounted rate.

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Vue de l'arche de l'historial jeanne d'arc pour le billet couplé du Panorama XXL

Information and bookings:
Group Combined Tickets
Panorama XXL :
 02 35 52 95 25 /
Historial Jeanne d’Arc : 02 35 52 48 02 /

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