Exposée du 20 Décembre 2014 jusqu’au 20 septembre 2015

Rome 312 takes visitors to the heart of ancient Rome at a time when it was at the peak of its architectural splendour to experience an historic occasion that changed the face of the world.

The visitor discovers Rome, its densely populated hills and famous temples, thermal baths, basilicas and triumphal arches. Today, the ruins of these architectural masterpieces still comprise the city’s very essence. Scenes of daily life attest to the hustle and bustle of this major city. In the distance the Sabine hills and the Apennine mountain range can be seen, as far as the coastal regions.

ROME 312 also represents the triumphal arrival of Emperor Constantine and his legions to Rome, after having defeated Marcus in 312 AD. The soldier’s clothes, the soundtrack, the play of light… allow visitors to be the very centre of the action.

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