The artist : a new look at the panorama

Born in Vienna, the artist Yadegar Asisi grew up in Saxony and has lived in Berlin since 1979. In 2003, he started to create the largest 360° panoramas in the world, which can measure up to 32 metres tall and 110 metres wide.

An architect and graduate of the Berlin Art Academy, Yadegar Asisi appreciates and cultivates an academic approach to art whilst using the most recent creative technological developments. He pays particular attention to perspective, colour and pigments. “It’s only after drawing an object that we can really understand it” claims the artist, an admirer of Renaissance painters like Andrea Mantegna and Leonardo da Vinci. These works – which were initially exhibited in Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin – are now exported worldwide. Rouen is the only French city to exhibit them.

A complex art

Combining science and art, Yadegar Asisi creates his visually impressive panoramas using data collected during research projects. This data, the result of in-depth investigation and photography trips, comprises around 50,000 photographs, drawings, sketches and paintings. This is why he visited Brazil for AMAZONIA, the Himalayas for EVEREST, Australia for THE GREAT BARRIER REEF and Turkey for PERGAMON and the entire Mediterranean. Using a storyboard, he organises photo sessions with amateur actors, extras and various decoration elements to give life to the scenes which he then includes in his work.

By paying specific attention to the scenery, historical, architectural and topographical details, he creates the works on his computer, and works on the images in all aspects using his preparatory works and those of his team, which includes around 15 assistants. The images are then printed on 3 metre wide and 32 metre tall pieces of fabric adjusted and positioned in the rotundas. It takes 3 years of work to create a panorama.

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