From June 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018.

Rouen 1431

With “Rouen 1431”, Panorama XXL takes you on a journey to the past: to the 15th century! Enjoy a unexpected and unbelievable experience at the centre of the city of Rouen and its unique architecture, the setting for the most mythical and poignant scenes from Joan of Arc’s life. Atop the observation platform, at the heart of a work measuring over 32 metres high, you will find yourself at the summit of Rouen Cathedral, in the Tour de Beurre (Butter Tower). Gaze at the city of Rouen and discover bustling life here during this era as well as the daily life of its inhabitants at the time when Joan of Arc experienced her most tragic moments.


From the shadows to the light

This panorama represents the city “of one hundred spires” – according to Victor Hugo – at the end of the Middle Ages, just before the start of the modern era. Although this era is often perceived as an age of doom and gloom, here it is presented with light. The panorama depicts the hustle and bustle of Rouen, with its churches, half-timbered houses, inner courtyards, port and bridge over the Seine. You can also see the hinterland and the Normandy countryside dotted with farms.

Experience the destiny of Joan of Arc

Rouen 1431 presents a major historic event: the end of the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. In the first few decades of the 15th century, the English, allied with the Burgundians, controlled several regions of the French kingdom, before Charles VII’s troops – with the assistance of Joan of Arc – took them back. Joan was betrayed, captured, tried and sentenced to be burnt alive. From the cathedral, several scenes from the terrible May 1431 take place before your eyes, including that of Joan of Arc being taken to the stake. Explore Joan’s journey in Rouen and discover the sites celebrating her history.

Rouen 1431

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